Double Wall Inflation Greenhouse Kits - A How-to Guide for Beginners

Double Wall Inflation Greenhouse Kits - A How-to Guide for Beginners

Climate change is one of the top ten issues faced by modern growers and farmers. Accordingly, you might find it sensible to create your own ideal growing environment. A DIY double layer greenhouse kit can help you to do just that.

Keep reading for a beginner’s guide to building a double wall greenhouse.

What Is a DIY Double Layer Greenhouse?

If you’ve been researching insulation for greenhouses, a double layer greenhouse is an excellent solution. Double layer inflation kits are a great way to reduce condensation and conserve the heat inside your hoop house.

By installing a second layer of plastic with lock channels and spring wire, you can create a space between the two layers that are filled with air. This pocket of air will act as a barrier between the warmer air inside your hoop house and the cooler air outside, helping keep your crop warm.

When looking into upgrades, it’s important to base the decision on your situation and production needs. An air inflated greenhouse is a great investment for growers and farmers who want to extend their growing season or increase their production.

Making Plans for Your Double Wall Greenhouse

If having a better-insulated high tunnel or greenhouse sounds fantastic, there are a few things you need to take into account. For instance, you may have a structure already erected. Don’t worry.

It’s still possible to work an inflated double layer greenhouse into your plans. It’s not too difficult to install onto existing structures.

It’s equally as easy to plan this component into an upcoming build. All it will take is to know what components and greenhouse plastic are necessary to make it happen.

Benefits of Air Inflated Greenhouses

Do you want to upgrade your greenhouse and make it more insulated? If so, a double layer greenhouse might serve as the perfect option. This type of greenhouse is easy to install, and you can do it yourself.

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All you need to do is make sure you have the right components and greenhouse plastic. Once you have those, you can easily install an air inflated greenhouse in no time at all.

Modern growers and farmers must deal with a changing climate and tightening water supplies. A double insulated greenhouse can help you better manage these tough circumstances.

Let’s look at a few ways a double layer greenhouse will protect your crops.

Protect Crops From Wind

A double layer greenhouse will protect your crop from the wind. The wind can prove very damaging to plants, especially young plants.

Wind can also cause plants to dry out. The wind can blow away the moisture from the leaves, which can damage or kill the plant.

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A double layer greenhouse will help keep the moisture in the plants and protect them from the wind. This feature can help keep your plants healthy and thriving.

Provides Insulation

The insulation of a double layer greenhouse can help keep your plants warm in the colder months. It will keep the heat inside the greenhouse, which will keep your plants warm.

This benefit can prove important in climates that have colder winters, as it can help protect your plants from the cold weather.

The insulation can also help keep the greenhouse cooler in the summer months. This can prove important in climates that have hotter summers.

Sheds Snow

A double wall greenhouse is especially beneficial if your crop is an area that gets snow. The layers of plastic in the greenhouse trap heat.

The trapped heat melts the snow, making it easy to remove. The snow won’t stick to the plastic as it would on a single-layer greenhouse.

Asking the Important Questions

Now you know the benefits of double-walled greenhouses and may have finally decided to invest in one. Now what?

First, you should consider how much yield you want out of your greenhouse. Also, you must consider what you’re going to do with your harvests.

Furthermore, you should consider what you want to grow in your greenhouse. It’s helpful to consider these three key points before you begin construction.

Let’s examine them in more detail.

Considering Crop Options

Do you plan on growing microgreens? This question can give some starting direction on how large of an investment in a DIY double layer greenhouse you may need.

Alternatively, you may want to plant arugula. In that case, you already know you can plant arugula densely, and you only need a minimal amount of space.

This question is designed to help those who want to invest in their own double layer greenhouse get started with determining how big to make it for their plant requirements.

Mulling Over Yield Amount

If you’re a grower or farmer who’s thinking about investing in an air inflated greenhouse, you’re probably wondering how large you should make it, and that’s a great question.

Keep in mind that the size of your greenhouse will depend on what you plan to grow. For instance, arugula is a densely planted crop, so if you’re a local grower providing arugula for all the restaurants in your city, you’ll need more space than if you’re just growing it for your own family.

Otherwise, your farm might participate in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program. In that case, the greenhouse might serve as a way to produce large crops during the cold months of the year.

Instead, you may know you’re growing just for your family, and a double layer greenhouse is the final piece needed to round out your homestead. Only you know what kind of product and yield you need, but brainstorming will help narrow down a little more the kind of greenhouse space you should seek.

What Will You Do With Your Yield?

Farmers and growers fulfill a critical function in the American food supply chain. Whether you’re growing just for your family or for the entire city, there’s a lot on the line.

It’s also important to know what you’re going to do with your yields before investing in a double layer greenhouse.

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Will you can the produce? If so, maybe additional ventilation features would prove beneficial as a part of your structure to ensure a disease-free crop.

Will you start plants in the structure? Maybe this is the sole purpose of your double layer greenhouse, and you’ll—without a doubt—require a heating element.

Regardless of what you’re going to do with your harvests, having direction for the items grown in your hoop house or high tunnel will ultimately give you information about how you should configure your double layer greenhouse.

More Points to Consider

Investing in a double layer greenhouse is a venture that will pay off. Still, you must think about how you’re going to balance the cost of the structure versus the quality of the structure.

You must consider what material you should use to frame your greenhouse. You must also think about what type of greenhouse plastic would work best with your greenhouse—more on that in a moment.

The way you answer these questions will help organize what size, type, and budget you’ll have for your double layer greenhouse.

Maximizing Your Investment

Inflating two layers of plastic with a small fan will give you the most bang-for-your-buck. You’ll want to make sure there’s an electrical cord and power source nearby, but other than that, it’s as easy as plugging in your inflator and turning it on. It requires no installation at all, and you can do it literally anywhere.

You’ll need to have the fan running all the time to keep the layers inflated. However, it’s a small price to pay for the extra insulation.

Weighing the Benefits and Drawbacks

One benefit of this type of insulation method is that it has an excellent insulation R-value per dollar invested. Also, it’s relatively easy to install and has other benefits outside of the insulation that makes this method attractive.

However, it does cost more than a single layer covering. It also requires electricity to power the blower fan, which must run all the time.

Choosing the Right Blower Fan

You might have a greenhouse that’s anywhere from 3,00 to 3,000 square feet. In either case, you can reap the benefits of a double layer inflation greenhouse kit.

If you’re a grower or farmer interested in investing in your own double layer greenhouse, it’s important to choose the right blower fan. In order to make the most of inflated greenhouse plastic, you’ll need a fan with enough cubic feet per minute (CFM) to distribute air all through your structure. It’s also important to pair the fan with a damper so you can control airflow.

The Blower Fan Damper

Farmers and growers looking for an affordable way to invest in a double layer greenhouse can benefit from using a blower fan with a damper. The damper allows you to easily regulate the airflow between the layers of plastic, giving you some flexibility if you end up purchasing a fan with more power than you need.

A standard blower fan with a 60 CFM rating is ideal for structures with a top cover size of 2,400 square feet or less. Meanwhile, a 148 CFM-rated fan is better for larger structures.

Securing Your Grow House

If you’re looking to invest in a double layer greenhouse, it’s important to make sure your structures’ greenhouse plastic attachment method is up to the task of holding the plastic when it’s inflated.

You should also check that the hardware installed in your greenhouse is firmly installed. In addition, make sure your greenhouse plastic is evenly held, so the pressure from the fan is dispersed evenly.

Air Inflated Greenhouse Construction

Building your own greenhouse can serve as a great way to extend your growing season and increase your production. Yet, it’s vital to choose the right materials to ensure your greenhouse is effective and lasts for years.

One important decision you’ll need to make is what type of plastic to use for the bottom and top layer of your greenhouse. For the bottom layer, you’ll want a strong plastic that’s resistant to tears and UV rays. A good option is 6 mil UVA Clear greenhouse plastic.

For the top layer, you’ll want a plastic that allows light and air to pass through. A good option is standard greenhouse plastic, which is available in a variety of thicknesses.

Things to Avoid

You could use thinner greenhouse plastic. However, it will break down quickly.

You may want to increase the lifespan of your greenhouse. In that case, it might prove worth considering investing in a professional-grade DIY double layer greenhouse kit.

By using two layers of greenhouse plastic instead of one, you can help keep your plants warm and protected from the elements. Additionally, a double layer system can help reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your greenhouse. This functionality can save you money on power costs.

Double Layer Greenhouse Budget

Double layer greenhouses are an excellent way to extend your growing season and improve climate control in your grow area. However, like with any investment, there are trade-offs to consider when deciding if a DIY greenhouse is a good choice for you.

One consideration is how much attention you want to pay to the climate control of your structure. Some growers and farmers aren’t worried much about maintaining a specific temperature and humidity level.

In this case, you can save some money on the upfront cost of your greenhouse. However, you may have to deal with more problems from inclement weather since you won’t have as much protection from the elements.

Setting Your Budget

If you’re a grower or farmer interested in investing in a double layer greenhouse, it’s important to remember there’s a trade-off between cost and quality. While PVC framing is cheaper upfront, it’s much more likely to fail in bad weather conditions.

Steel framing, while more expensive, is much more robust and will keep your plants safe through storms and hail. Before making your ultimate decision, make sure to weigh all the pros and cons carefully.

The Importance of a Budget

Building a double layer greenhouse is a great way to invest in your farm. It allows you to control the quality of your crops while keeping your costs low.

Building air inflated greenhouses is something you can do yourself using simple materials. However, a double layer greenhouse kit makes the process even easier and more effective. It’s a great way to extend your growing season and increase your production.

Find the Perfect Double Insulated Greenhouse Today

Now that you understand the importance of a double wall greenhouse, it’s time to take the next step and invest in your farm. A DIY double layer greenhouse kit is an easy way to get started and increase your production.

Invest in a double insulated greenhouse kit today and start enjoying the benefits of a longer growing season.

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