Storage and Boat Shrink Wrap for Protecting Equipment, Vehicles, Boats

To keep out water, dirt, and debris during the off-season, boats need to be covered. This lessens the possibility of topside surfaces being damaged and makes spring cleanup easier. The best protection during prolonged storage is provided by shrink wrap, although tarps and canvas covers are frequently used.

Boat shrink wrap is made of  plastic sheeting that, when heated, contracts to form an exact fit for the boat. Our boat shrink wrap offers superior durability and weather resistance in harsh environments compared to polyethylene tarps or regular canvas covers. Shrink wrap is typically used to protect brand-new boats as they are shipped from the manufacturer to a dealer or boats that are being stored for the winter.

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Storage & Boat Shrink Wrap - 7 mil

Storage & Boat Shrink Wrap - 7 mil

Creates a watertight barrier that will keep the boat protected all winter long with minimal upkeep.E..


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