Concrete Vapor Barrier 20 Mil Thickness for Concrete Installations, Crawl Spaces, & More

Our Concrete Vapor Barrier is a 20 mil thick heavy-duty durable plastic sheeting engineered from low-density polyolefin. Strong and durable, it will not rip or tear easily. Primary applications include being used as a 20 mil vapor barrier beneath concrete in commercial construction applications or residential concrete installations.

20 Mil Vapor Barrier Material, Testing, Manufacturing Information

Tested by independent test laboratories and far exceeds ASTM 1745 standards, our concrete vapor barrier is engineered from a 20 mil thick polyolefin material. It is manufactured in the US and backed by an ISO 9001:2008 certification. Concrete Vapor Barrier specs are available by clicking on the below link.

Material Specifications

What Is The Best Way To Install A 20 Mil Vapor Barrier?

If multiple concrete vapor barrier rolls are required to cover the entire area, overlap the 20 mil vapor barrier plastic by at least 6 inches. Secure the 10 mil vapor barrier to the subgrade by taping the edges of the plastic sheet to the perimeter of the slab using approved adhesive tape. 

Seal any joints or seams in the 20 mil vapor barrier with approved sealing tape or adhesive to prevent moisture from penetrating through the barrier. These are general guidelines only - each installation may have its own challenges and adjustments may need to be made.

What Is The Ideal Thickness For A 20 Mil Concrete Vapor Barrier?

A commonly used thickness for a plastic concrete vapor barrier is 20 mil. This is generally accepted as the minimum thickness for concrete installations. In most cases this is the most durable thickness when compared to 10 or 15 mil vapor barriers.

Why Is Too Much Moisture In Concrete A Problem?

Excessive moisture in concrete can lead to various problems such as reduced concrete strength, cracking, reduced durability, and delamination. To prevent these issues, it is essential to ensure that the concrete is properly mixed, cured, and protected from excess moisture during and after installation.

Our 10 mil vapor barrier is a heavy-duty polyolefin vapor barrier that can be used on outdoor concrete installations and also in the crawl space.

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Concrete Vapor Barrier, 20 Mil Vapor Barrier

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