Dura Smooth - 20mil - Heavy Duty Black/White Polyethylene Plastic Sheeting

This extremely durable 20 mil construction sheeting is ultra white on one side and total blackout on the other, and unrolls as a single sheet with no seams.

It can be used for pond liners, hydroponics, vapor barriers, crawl space liners, and much more. The only product of its kind on the market that is black/white reversible!

  • 20 Mil Thickness
  • Black & White - Reversible
  • UV Treated
  • Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting - Tear and Puncture Resistant

Can I Use 20 Mil Thick Plastic Sheeting as a Vapor Barrier?

Yes, our Dura-Smooth 20 mil plastic sheeting can be used as a vapor barrier. In fact, 20 mil plastic sheeting is one of the thickest and most durable plastic sheeting materials available, making it a good option for vapor barriers in construction and home improvement projects.

However, it is important to note that the effectiveness of a vapor barrier depends on the specific conditions and requirements of the project.

Even though Dura-Smooth is heavy duty plastic, factors such as the climate, building materials, and intended use of the space will all play a role in determining the appropriate type and thickness of vapor barrier.

How Is Your 20 Mil Dura-Smooth Plastic Sheeting Sold? Do You Offer Custom Sizing?

We offer a wide range of sizes for our heavy duty plastic sheeting, available in widths of 6 feet, 12 feet, 18 feet, and 24 feet. You can select any length you need, up to 500 feet in 5 foot increments. If you need custom sized material, please contact us.

Can I Use Dura-Smooth 20 Mil Plastic Sheeting In My Crawl Space? 

Yes, you can use our Dura-Smooth 20 mil plastic sheeting for your crawl space. In general, crawl spaces may require more heavy duty plastic sheeting if you are installing as a vapor barrier.

Crawl space vapor barriers should be able to withstand foot traffic and a 20 mil plastic sheeting is great for a crawl space.

Is Your 20 Mil Dura-Smooth Plastic Sheeting UV Resistant? Can I Use It As A Greenhouse Cover?

Our Dura-Smooth 20 mil polyethylene sheeting is UV treated and while it can be used as a greenhouse covering when you want to block out all light, we carry greenhouse blackout plastic in 6 mil and 8 mil thickness that would be a better option.

20 mil plastic sheeting will work fine, but a greenhouse won't require a heavy duty plastic sheeting. Check out our greenhouse blackout plastic here.

Reduce Heat Buildup With The Only Black & White Reversible 20 Mil Plastic Sheeting!

Our heavy duty plastic sheeting rolls are black on one side and white on the other. If you are using this heavy duty plastic sheeting outside, face the white side out to control heat absorption and mitigate heat buildup. Our Dura-Smooth 20 mil polyethylene sheeting will stand up under tough conditions.

Take A Break From Searching "20 Mil Plastic Sheeting Near Me" and Order From Us Today!

All of our Dura-Smooth 20 mil plastic sheeting rolls are in stock and ready to ship today! Invest in a high quality, heavy duty plastic sheeting that is not available at home improvement stores. Heavy duty plastic at its best!

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Dura Smooth - 20mil - Heavy Duty Black/White Polyethylene Plastic Sheeting

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