Shade Cloth for Plants, Gardening, Farming, Landscaping, and Backyard Enjoyment

Greenhouse sun shade cloth material provides UV protection for your plants, improves ventilation, reduces water requirements, and helps moderate greenhouse temperatures. Shade Cloth can also provide refreshing UV Protection and shade for you to enjoy in your backyard. This product comes with grommets pre-installed. The grommets are placed with 3 feet spacing in between each grommet.

  • Durable Material - Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, our shade cloth resists mold and mildew. The knitted construction of our product resists tearing.
  • Size - This product is 6ft x 12ft and comes in a rectangle shape
  • UV Protection - Blocking up to 90% of sunlight, our shade cloth provides necessary UV protection for your plants, moderating temperature, improving ventilation, and reducing water requirements.
  • Breathable Fabric - Ventilation is greatly improved when using our shade cloth on your greenhouses. Hot air is pushed out and water is able to easily fall through.
  • Grommets and Stainless Steel Loops: This product comes with Grommets which is very convenient as you will not have to buy them separately or install them into the shade cloth. It also comes with stainless steel loops that make it easier to be hung in your backyard, garden, or greenhouse. 
Please note: Our Products are packaged to minimize Shipping Cost and Shipping Delivery Times. Our Carriers deliver on time at a rate of 99%. Call with any Special Requests.

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90% Brown Windscreen/Privacy Screen

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