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Pallet Covers are a cost-effective way to keep products safe from environmental hazards like Snow, Sleet, Hail, UV light, wind, and rain. Our Plastic Pallet Covers are waterproof and reusable. They also protect Valuables from damage from scratching and keep off dirt, dust, and debris. For sensitive products, this added layer of protection is essential. Our Waterproof and Reusable Pallet Covers can be used as a pallet bundle cover, storage boxes, construction use, truck cargo, patio chairs, furniture, equipment, wood/log piles covers, and more depending on your needs. We sell Clear and Black Pallet Covers. Farm Plastic Supply Pallet Covers are also FDA & USDA Compliant for food applications.

Our 55 Gallon Drum Liners are a valuable tool for any Construction, Remodeling, Demolition, or Cleanup project as they can hold up to 55 Gallons of waste and materials and due to the strong and durable Polyethylene in which they are made from, they will never tear or break. Farm Plastic Supply 55 Gallon Construction Trash Bags can hold concrete, wood, metal, waste, sharp objects and many other things and will never rip or tear.

Our FIBC Bulk Bags can hold anywhere from 2,200lbs to 3,300lbs. They are certified Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. Our FIBC Bulk Bags are extremely strong and durable due to the strong woven and stitched polyethylene that they are made from. Our Bulk Bags are cross corned and fully belted. They will never break or tear and can hold anything that you may wish to put in them.

Pallet Covers & Construction Bags

Clear Pallet Covers - 55" x 53" x 75"

Clear Pallet Covers - 55" x 53" x 75"

3 Mil Pallet Cover for Outdoor Protection, Storage, and Much MorePolyethylene Pallet Covers are used..


Black Pallet Covers - 55" x 53" x 75"

Black Pallet Covers - 55" x 53" x 75"

3 Mil Pallet Cover for Outdoor Protection, Storage, and Much MorePolyethylene Pallet Covers are used..


 55 Gallon Drum Liners

55 Gallon Drum Liners

Heavy-Duty 6 Mil 55 Gallon Drum Liners for Construction, Demolition, & Remodeling CleanupSave ti..


42 Gallon Trash Bags (20 Pack)

42 Gallon Trash Bags (20 Pack)

Heavy Duty 42 Gallon Trash Bags 3 Mil Thickness for Landscaping, Demolition, & Remodeling Cleanu..


FIBC Bulk Bags

2,200LB FIBC Bulk Bag

2,200LB FIBC Bulk Bag

Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag - Can hold up to 2,200 LBS Save time on cleanup with Farm Plastic Supply 2,..


3,300LB FIBC Bulk Bag

3,300LB FIBC Bulk Bag

Heavy-Duty Bulk Bag - Can hold up to 3,300 LBS Save time on cleanup with Farm Plastic Supply 3,..


Protect Your Goods During Storage & Shipment With High-Quality Farm Plastic Supply Waterproof Pallet Covers!

Ensure the safety of your goods during storage and shipment with high-quality pallet covers from Farm Plastic Supply! Our pallet covers are designed to offer robust protection against environmental factors that could potentially harm your products.

With Farm Plastic Supply pallet covers, you can have peace of mind knowing your goods are well-protected, regardless of where they are.

What Are Pallet Covers Primarily Used For?

Plastic Pallet covers are designed to safeguard goods during transportation and storage. Our pallet covers covers are available in both black and clear, each serving a unique purpose.

Whether it's to shield items from dust, moisture, or UV light, Farm Plastic Supply pallet covers play a pivotal role in protecting your goods. In industries where goods are frequently transported or stored, pallet covers are indispensable.

They not only protect the products from environmental factors but also ensure that the items reach their destination in optimal condition. By choosing the right pallet cover, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of product damage, saving on costs.

What Size Pallet Cover Do I Need?

Selecting the correct size for a pallet cover is crucial for ensuring protection of your goods. We recommend measuring the dimensions of your pallet, including the length, width, and height.

It's important to choose a cover that fits snugly but isn't too tight, as this could lead to tearing or inadequate coverage. A pallet cover that's too large can be inefficient, as it may require additional securing measures and could still leave parts of the pallet exposed. Pallet Covers can save you lots of money. 

At Farm Plastic Supply, we offer 55" x 53" x 75" pallet covers in both black and clear. We recommend purchasing a pallet cover that is slightly larger than the pallet that it will be covering.

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Protect Your Goods With Our Waterproof Pallet Plastic!

Farm Plastic Supply offers high-quality pallet covers that are designed to provide superior protection for your goods. Our pallet covers are made from durable, waterproof polyethylene that effectively shield your goods from moisture and rain. 

Whether you're storing goods in a damp warehouse or transporting them in rainy conditions, these pallet covers ensure that your products remain dry and undamaged. By choosing Farm Plastic Supply, you're opting for reliable and robust protection for your goods.

Are Your Pallet Covers UV Protected?

Yes! Our pallet covers are not just waterproof, but also UV resistant, providing an additional layer of protection for your goods. Exposure to ultraviolet light can cause significant damage to certain products, particularly those with sensitive components or materials.

However, with the UV-resistant pallet covers from Farm Plastic Supply, your goods are shielded from these harmful rays. Our pallet covers are made from a special material that reflects UV radiation, preventing it from reaching your products. This is particularly beneficial for goods stored outdoors or in areas with high UV exposure.

Is There A Difference Between Your Black And Clear Pallet Covers?

Our black and clear pallet covers, while serving the same fundamental purpose of protecting goods, offer different advantages based on their color. Black pallet covers are ideal for concealing the contents of the pallet, providing an added layer of security during transportation or storage. 

On the other hand, our clear pallet covers allow for easy identification and inspection of the goods without needing to remove the cover. This transparency can be beneficial in inventory management and quality control processes, as it allows for quick visual checks.

Both types offer robust protection, and the choice between black and clear often depends on the specific needs and requirements of the goods being protected.

What Are The Benefits Of Contractor Bags?

The benefits of Contractor Bags are that they can save you time on cleanup and store anything without tearing or breaking. Engineered to a thickness of 3 mil, they have maximum puncture and tear resistance. Packaged in a roll with a flat seal bottom, our 42 gallon contractor trash bags can handle any of your cleanup needs. Here are some more Contractor Bag Benefits: 

  • 42 Gallons of Holding Capacity
  • Tear and Puncture Resistance
  • Strong and Durable

What Are The Benefits Of Bulk Bags?

The Benefits of our Bulk Bags are that they can save you time on cleanup. They can hold any type of waste or debris that you need. They can hold 2,200-3,300lbs and are durable. They are also able to hold food supplies because they are FDA and USDA Compliant. Engineered from Strong and Durable Woven Polyethylene with 4 heavy-duty handles our bags can clean and hold any mess. They are extremely durable and are resistant to Water and UV Damage. They can be moved with a forklift due to the 4 strong handles that are woven and stitched on to them. Here are some more benefits:

  • 4 Heavy Duty Corner Straps - Forkliftable 
  • 2,200-3,300 Pound Holding Capacity
  • Collapsible For Easy Storage 
  • Cross Cornered
  • Fully Belted
  • Tear & Puncture Resistant

At Farm Plastic supply we take pride in providing the best and strongest Pallet Covers and Construction Bags in the industry. 

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