4 Year UV Resistant 6 mil Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

Farm Plastic Supply offers one of the best greenhouse plastics products available on the market; it boasts strength, longevity, and quality with its 4 year UV protection and greater than 90% light transmittance.
Features of our UV Protective Greenhouse Plastic:

  • Clear 6 mil plastic polyethylene greenhouse film
  • 4 Year UV Resistant
  • Greater than 90% light transmittance
  • 20% light diffusion

We cut pieces of plastic sheeting to specific, custom sizes. No matter what size, the 6 mil plastic multi-layer technology of this Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting gives it high mechanical strength and flexibility. 

Please note that this greenhouse film should not come into direct contact with PVC piping, as this causes premature degradation of the sheeting. 

Light Transmittance

Our greenhouse plastic is designed so more than 90% of light can pass through to the inside of the greenhouse - a high light transmittance is something that you want, as it will help your plants grow and thrive. 

Light Diffusion

Light diffusion refers to the way that light is spread around the greenhouse, as you want all of your plants to receive light, not just some. This promotes even growth throughout your hoop house greenhouse, even for tall and self-shading plants. 

Greenhouse Plastic Benefits

Most plants do not bode well under direct sunlight, as this light does not get dispersed evenly and can lead to uneven heating, scorch, and shadowing of certain plants. What plastic sheeting does is convert the direct sunlight into something that’s more dispersed, so all the plants within your greenhouse will receive it evenly - this leads to better growth and plants that are able to thrive. 

Plastic sheeting can also create a more even temperature inside your hoop house greenhouse, which decreases the chance of hot spots and overexposure while increasing the consistency of the temperature, which encourages uniform growth. 

Convenient VS Quality

Although it’s convenient to buy plastic sheeting from your local home improvement store, we highly discourage doing this. Their plastic sheeting may be cheap, but with a low price comes low quality. Sheeting that comes from home improvement stores  is not UV stabilized, which means that it will barely last 4 months - let alone 4 years. 
Farm Plastic Supply offers high quality, affordable Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting that you can depend on to create an environment that your plants will thrive in for years to come. 


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4 Year UV Resistant 6 mil Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting - Choose Your Size

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