Stop Erosion and Rain/Runoff on Shallow Slopes and Channels with our Jute Matting!

Jute Matting is used for temporary erosion control as protection from rainfall/run-off on shallow slopes and channel protection for low risk/low flow channels. Jute matting is the original form of erosion control blanket. Jute is basically burlap rope and therefore 100% biodegradable over time depending on the amount of moisture available. The matting conforms to slope contours and surface irregularities. Thousands of tiny “check” dams per square yard stabilize the surface soil on slopes. Easy to apply and excellent for road, drainage, landfill and backyard slopes. When laid out the string length of this product will be 225ft.

The Dimensions Of This Product are 4ft x 225ft. This product has a functional longevity of 4-6 years.

Jute Matting Benefits & Applications


  • Prevents soil erosion from rainfall, stormwater sheet flow, & channel flow
  • Retains moisture in soil to promote seed germination and plant growth
  • Engineered with a leno woven natural netting to prevent wildlife entanglement
  • Promotes Re-Vegetation 
  • Soil Stabilization
  • Biodegradable and Photodegradable 


  • Slope Stabilization
  • Soil Reinforcement
  • Support in Channels
  • Land Restoration Projects
  • Slope or Channel Erosion Control
  • Slopes up to 2:1
  • Low flow channels
  • Bare ground seeding

High Quality Jute Matting at Farm Plastic Supply

Among the cool stuff we offer, jute matting has become a fan favorite, especially for those who dig the eco-friendly vibe for their soil and landscaping adventures. It's got this natural toughness and a look that catches eyes, making it a hit among our customers.

The Really Good Stuff About Our Jute Matting

What makes our jute coverings function well as a erosion control blanket? It's the top-notch quality of the jute fibers we're talking about. Sourced from reliable and green places, these natural fibers are known for their strength and lasting nature.

We put in some serious effort in the making, ensuring each roll of jute is nothing short of excellent, matching the reputation Farm Plastic Supply has. What comes out is not just useful but looks good too, fitting perfectly for a range of outdoor projects.

The Green Side of Jute Blankets

In times where going green is the real deal, picking jute is a solid move. Jute is nature’s buddy blanket, a renewable fiber that bids adieu to the earth, leaving no mess behind. 

Unlike synthetic mats that stick around causing pollution and erosion, jute covering gets along well with nature, enriching the soil as it breaks down. This biodegradable feature makes it a guilt-free pick for the eco-smart folks.

The Many Faces of Jute Coverings from Farm Plastic Supply

Our jute blankets are a cool example of how something simple can be super functional and flexible. Whether it's in use as a erosion control blanket, giving a hand to new seedlings, or laying down a rustic path in your garden, jute blanket or matting is ready for action. 

Its natural texture is excellent for traction, letting water and nutrients through, making it a handy friend in keeping your landscapes and plants looking fresh.

Our Jute Blankets vs. The Other Guys

Put jute matting next to synthetic or rubber mats, and it’s easy to see why it stands out. Besides being more eco-friendly, it blends in well with the surroundings, unlike the harsh, fake look of synthetic mats. 

Plus, jute netting offers a safe, non-slip surface which is super useful in sensitive areas, damp or sloping areas, ensuring your outdoor spaces and plants are safe and green.

Smart Spending with Jute Matting

Investing in jute netting and coverings from Farm Plastic Supply is like putting your money in a green piggy bank. 

Its long-lasting nature along with a friendly price tag is a welcome change from synthetic alternatives that ask for replacements. With jute matting and blankets, you’re saving on replacement costs while it keeps doing its job well.

Setting Up Your Jute Coverings: Easy & Fast

Installing our jute coverings is a no-brainer. Measure it out, cut it to size, lay it flat and pin it down using garden staples or stakes, making sure it fits snug with the slope of the soil. It’s that easy! Plus, jute mesh, it blends well with your landscape, adding rather than altering your desired look.

The Charming Look of Natural Jute Matting

The rustic and organic allure of jute mattings is hard to beat. It fits right in, whether it's a lush garden, a backyard, or a commercial landscaping gig. 

Its natural brown color and texture bring a cozy, earthy feel, making the surroundings peaceful and pretty.

Jute Matting: A Green Pick for Your Project

Going for jute matting is opting for green. It's all-natural, biodegradable, and buddies up with the environment, lessening your carbon footprint. By choosing jute matting, you’re making a savvy choice for your project and doing a solid for our planet.

Keeping Your Jute Matting Going Strong

Maintaining jute coverings is almost a zero-effort game. It pretty much takes care of itself, requiring little to no upkeep. 

Just keep it clear of moisture and heavy debris and check the securing pins/stakes now and then to make sure it stays put, serving you longer while keeping your place looking tip-top.


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Jute Erosion Control Cloth - 4' x 225'

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  • $100.99

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