The best in shade cloth for plants! This material provides UV protection for your plants, improves ventilation, reduces water requirements, and helps moderate greenhouse temperatures.

  • Durable Material - Manufactured from high-density polyethylene, our shade cloth resists mold and mildew. The knitted construction of our product resists tearing.
  • UV Protection - Blocking up to 40% of sunlight, our shade cloth provides necessary UV protection for your plants, moderating temperature, improving ventilation, and reducing water requirements.
  • Breathable Fabric - Ventilation is greatly improved when using our shade cloth on your greenhouses. Hot air is pushed out and water is able to easily fall through.
  • Does not have grommets installed

Why Black Shade Cloth? What Is The Difference? What Is It Best For?

Key Features of Black Shade Cloth: 

Temperature Control: Black shade cloth is your best bet if you're looking to block excess light and keep the temperature down at night. Black absorbs light while also blocking light from reaching plants, which helps keep them cool during the day and warm at night.

Setting Shade: It is also durable and easy to clean. Black shade cloth is often used in greenhouses and other plant-growing environments, as well as at special events to create a dark and intimate setting or to create shade or a outdoor area meant for activities. It is also great for backyards when you don't feeling like spending lots of money on a awning or shade structure. 

Color and Light Absorption: Being black, this Shade Cloth absorbs more sunlight. Instead of reflecting it like White Shade Cloth, it captures heat, which can positively affect the microclimate underneath the Shade Cloth. 

Cooler Temperature Differences: Due to its light absorption properties, areas under Black Shade Cloth might be slightly warmer than those that are under lighter-colored shade cloth. 

Material and Durability: Just like its white counterpart, black shade cloth is made from Polyethylene which ensures that it will be very strong and sturdy against external factors like rain, wind, sunlight, and nature. 

Shade Percentage Possibilities: Our Black Shade Cloth comes in varying degrees of shade blocking percentage, we have a wide variety of shade percentages which include 35, 40, 50, 60, 65, 70, and 80% Shade Percentage. 

Advantages of Black Shade Cloth: 

Superior Sun Blocking: Black Shade Cloth is known for it's great ability to block sunlight, which makes it the ideal Shade Cloth to put over plants that need protection from intense UV Sun Rays. 

Durability: Typically, Black Shade Cloth is more resistant to UV Rays than some of their light counterparts. This makes them last longer and it offers more bang for your buck. 

Weed Control: Given its dark color, black shading net can effectively suppress weed growth by preventing sunlight from reaching the soil beneath. This can save gardeners time and effort in weed management. 

Heat Retention: In cooler climates or during cold spells, the black shade fabric can help retain some heat, providing a slightly warmer environment for plants. This is especially useful during the early growing season when plants are still tender.

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40% Black Shade Cloth

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