Stop Frost in It's Tracks With Our Frost Blankets for Plants!

Frost/Winter Protection Blankets are one of the most cost effective ways to protect your plants from frost damage. With proper care these polypropylene blankets will last for several seasons. Water and air easily passes through and the white color enables you to leave the blankets on during an unseasonably warm day. 

Our Frost Blankets protect your plants from exposure to storm, hail, snow, rain, while allowing light, water and air to go through.

They also aid in the germination of newly planted seeds by shielding seeds from erosion and reducing weed growth. They’re widely used on riverbeds, hills, culvert inlets and outfalls, and channel and ditch linings.

How Frost Covers from Farm Plastic Supply Make a Difference

Not all frost covers are made equal. Here at Farm Plastic Supply, our frost blankets stand out in the market. We pride ourselves on delivering a product known for its premium quality, durability, and unmatched effectiveness. 

Whether you're looking to protect smaller plants or need a plant blanket for trees, we have you covered – literally. With our frost blankets, you don't just get a cover; you get a commitment to your gardening success, especially crucial for winter seasons. Applications include:

  • Covering Late Fall Crops Before Frost 
  • Protecting Crops From Early Spring Frosts 
  • Jump Starting The Growth Of Overwintered Cool Season Annuals 
  • Protecting New Planted Seeds From Being Eaten By Birds 
  • Increasing Germination Rates By Keeping Soil Moist 
  • Rain, Hail, and Wind Protection 
  • Prevents Newly Sprouted Seedlings From Being Eaten By Squirrels and other garden pests

Do Frost Blankets Really Work?

A common question we encounter is: Do these plant blankets genuinely offer protection? The answer is a resounding YES. The science behind our frost blanket is simple yet effective.

When temperatures plummet, the frost blanket traps a layer of air between the plant and the environment, acting as an insulator

This prevents the freezing temperatures from causing frost damage to your plants. The efficiency is not just in theory; countless gardeners have witnessed its protective wonders, making it a reliable cover for plants against the cold. 

Benefits of Using Frost Blankets for Plants

The advantages of using our frost blankets for plants extend beyond mere frost protection:

  • Protects your plants from frost and winter damage and has freeze protection ability
  • Has UV protection due to high-quality spun polypropylene fabric that is UV stabilized and reusable and allows air and moisture to reach your plants
  • Easy Installation for all possible applications. 
  • Multi-application protection as it protects your fruits ands vegetables such as tomato's, peppers, pumpkins, strawberries, fruit trees, citrus, and shrub, flowers and newly-sown grass
  • Weather Protection as it protects plants from snow, hail, frost in the winter and insects, birds during the growing season

As winter approaches and temperatures begin to dip, don't leave your plants exposed. With Farm Plastic Supply's frost blankets, equip yourself with a reliable and effective cover, ensuring that your gardening endeavors are fruitful and your plants remain protected. 

Proper Application: How to Use Our Frost Blankets for Your Plants

Frost blankets can be installed on row crops with low-tunnel hoops or laid directly on the plants you wish to protect. The blanket can be anchored with landscape fabric pins, rocks, or sandbags. 

When used without hoops, frost blankets are commonly referred to as floating row covers. This is because their light weight allows them to essentially “float” above your plants only resting on the tips of the leaves.

For plants it is good to tie them with rope to make sure that they stay on the plant, if so use our Sisal Plant Rope when doing it. 

You will want to install the frost blanket before the frost sets in. When the sun comes out, and all danger of frost has passed, remove the covering and fold and store correctly. 

It is vital that you remove when the temperature rises above 50 degrees as this will create too much heat for your plants underneath the blanket. If soiled, you can lightly rinse the fabric with cool water and let air dry completely before storing. 

Sustainability and Environment: Eco-friendly Frost Covers

Farm Plastic Supply isn't just about selling frost blankets; it's about endorsing a sustainable way of gardening. Our frost blanket range is environmentally friendly, ensuring your plants get the protection they need without harming the planet. 

Additionally, by using frost blankets, gardeners can reduce the need for chemical treatments to revive frost-damaged plants, thereby decreasing the chemical footprint on the environment.

Our commitment doesn't stop at just providing a cover for plants during winter; it's about fostering sustainable, eco-conscious farming practices all year round.

Expert Tips and Tricks for Frost Blanket Care

Maintaining your frost blanket ensures it remains effective season after season. Here are some tips:

  • After the frost season, clean your blanket by shaking off any debris and giving it a gentle wash.
  • Dry the frost blanket completely before storing to prevent mildew or mold.
  • Fold and store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight to preserve its protective properties.
  • Inspect the blanket before reuse, ensuring no tears or holes are present. This ensures optimal protection for your plants and trees.

Will A Frost Cover Protect From A Freeze?

Yes, our frost covers are designed to offer protection during freezing conditions. By creating an insulating layer, it prevents the harsh cold from affecting the plant cells, which can cause them to burst and damage the plant. 

The trapped warmth under the frost blanket ensures a consistent temperature, safeguarding your plants from sudden temperature drops and frosts.

How Long Can You Leave Plant or Frost Blankets On A Plant?

While frost blankets are excellent for protection, they should not be left on plants indefinitely. On average, it's best to remove the blanket during the daytime, allowing plants to breathe and receive sunlight. 

If continuous frost is expected for several days, it's okay to leave them on, but ensure the plants get some exposure to natural light and air once the frost threat has passed.

Invest in a High-Quality Frost Covers With Farm Plastic Supply

Your plants deserve the best, and Farm Plastic Supply is committed to providing just that. Explore our range of premium frost covers for sale, designed with your gardening needs in mind. 

Whether it's for plants, trees, or general winter protection, our covers promise quality, durability, and utmost protection. Don't let winter woes hinder your green dreams. Your garden will thank you!

Stop endlessly searching for "Frost Blankets Near Me" and invest in a quality frost blanket at Farm Plastic Supply! Our frost covers are in stock and ready to ship today!


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