Multipurpose Natural Burlap Fabric - Tough, Durable, and Perfect For Any Landscaping or DIY Project!

Our burlap fabric can be used for residential applications such as a runner for tables, walkways, or as a decoration. Perfect for use in the garden, it can be used as a landscaping fabric, ground cover, or you can use our burlap fabric for plants.

Our bulk burlap roll is hemmed at the edges, preventing bothersome fraying. Simplify your projects with Farm Plastic Supply's burlap material fabric.

Our burlap is engineered to be premium quality. With a durable 10oz weight, it will stand up to repeated use and prevent fraying. We don't sell our burlap fabric by the yard, we sell it by the foot.


  • 10oz Burlap Fabric
  • Organic Jute-Fiber Material
  • Tough, Durable
  • Hemmed Edges - No Fray

What Can I Use Burlap Fabric For?

Burlap fabric is commonly used in gardening and landscaping. It is ideal for protecting plants, controlling erosion, and mitigating weed issues. It is an organic option for weed control. In the agricultural industry, burlap fabric is essential for storing goods like potatoes and coffee beans.

Our burlap's rustic appearance lends itself to home d├ęcor and crafting, making beautiful table runners, wreaths, and wall art. Whether for aesthetic appeal or practical use, burlap fabric continues to be a multifunctional material, useful for a variety of purposes.

Is Burlap A Good Outdoor Fabric? How Long Will It Last Outside?

Burlap fabric is considered a suitable outdoor fabric for certain applications due to its biodegradable and breathable nature. Often used in gardening and landscaping, burlap can provide protection for plants and assist in erosion control. 

However, its durability outside depends on the specific conditions and exposure to the elements. In a harsh environment with constant exposure to moisture and sunlight, burlap fabric may degrade within a season or two. If used in a sheltered area, it can last longer.

What Kind Of Fabric Is Burlap? What Is Your Burlap Fabric Made From?

Our burlap is made from the jute plant fibers. The jute fibers are spun into strong threads, which are then woven to create the unique, dense weave that distinguishes our burlap fabric.

Our burlap fabric's natural, earthy appearance is highly prized in rustic or vintage-themed decorations, and its durability makes it suitable for heavy-duty uses landscaping or storing agricultural products.

Is Your Burlap Fabric Weather-Resistant?

Our burlap fabric possesses some degree of weather resistance, but it is not entirely resistant to the elements. The tightly woven jute fibers provide a natural resistance to sunlight, and the fabric can withstand short periods of exposure to rain and moisture.

However, prolonged exposure to wet conditions may cause the burlap fabric fibers to break down, leading to rot and decay.

Our Burlap Fabric is Versatile

Whether you're creating rustic decorations, protecting plants, or wrapping gifts, our burlap fabric is the perfect choice. It cuts easily and holds its shape, making it ideal for any project. Plus, its natural look adds a charming, rustic touch to whatever you're working on. With our burlap fabric, the possibilities are endless.

Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective Burlap Fabric Solution

Not only is our burlap fabric versatile and durable, but it's also a great value. We offer competitive prices without sacrificing quality. And because it's made from natural jute, it's biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Choosing our burlap fabric means you're making a smart, eco-conscious choice for your projects.


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10oz Burlap Fabric

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