Stop Winter And Frost Damage From Destroying Your Plants With FPS Frost Blankets!

Frost/Winter Protection Blankets are one of the most cost effective ways to protect your plants from frost damage. With proper care these polypropylene blankets will last for several seasons. Water and air easily passes through and the white color enables you to leave the blankets on during an unseasonably warm day. ;

Our Frost Blankets protect your plants from exposure to storm, hail, snow, rain, while allowing light, water and air to go through. They also aid in the germination of newly planted seeds by shielding seeds from erosion and reducing weed growth. They’re widely used on riverbeds, hills, culvert inlets and outfalls, and channel and ditch linings. 

Frost Blanket Benefits & Applications


  • Protects your plants from frost and winter damage and has freeze protection
  • UV protection high quality spun polypropylene fabric is UV stabilized and reusable and allows air and moisture to reach your plants
  • Easy Installation for all possible applications. 
  • Multi-application protect your vegetables such as tomato, pepper, pumpkin, strawberries, fruit trees, citrus, and shrub, flowers and newly-sown grass
  • Weather Protection protect plants from snow, hail, frost in the winter and insects, birds during the growing season


  • Covering Late Fall Crops Before Frost 
  • Protecting Crops From Early Spring Frosts 
  • Jump Starting The Growth Of Overwintered Cool Season Annuals 
  • Protecting New Planted Seeds From Being Eaten By Birds 
  • Increasing Germination Rates By Keeping Soil Moist 
  • Rain, Hail, and Wind Protection 
  • Jump Starting The Growth Of Overwintered Cool Season Annual E
  • Prevents Newly Sprouted Seedlings From Being Eaten By Squirrels and other garden pests 

Installing Your Frost Blanket

Frost blankets can be installed on row crops with low-tunnel hoops or laid directly on the plants you wish to protect. The blanket can be anchored with landscape fabric pins, rocks, or sandbags. When used without hoops, frost blankets are commonly referred to as floating row covers. This is because their light weight allows them to essentially “float” above your plants only resting on the tips of the leaves.

You will want to install the frost blanket before the frost sets in. When the sun comes out, and all danger of frost has passed, remove the covering and fold and store correctly. It is vital that you remove when the temperature rises above 50 degrees as this will create too much heat for your plants underneath the blanket. If soiled, you can lightly rinse the fabric with cool water and let air dry completely before storing.

How To Get The Most From Your Frost Blanket

Maintaining our frost blankets involves regular checks to ensure that the blanket is still securely in place and has not been damaged. If any damage is found, it should be repaired as soon as possible to prevent soil erosion. Over time, our straw-net erosion control blankets will degrade and can be left in place.

Invest in a High-Quality Frost Blanket With Farm Plastic Supply

Stop endlessly searching for "Frost Blankets Near Me" and invest in a quality frost blanket at Farm Plastic Supply! Our frost blankets are in stock and ready to ship today!


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2oz Frost/Winter Protection Blanket - 7.5' x 300'

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