String Reinforced 4 Year UV Resistant 10 mil Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

When other greenhouse films are not tough enough for your environment, consider our 10 mil string reinforced clear greenhouse plastic. This four-layered polyethylene extrusion laminate is reinforced with a heavy-duty layer of string placed between two outer layers of high strength virgin film, then laminated together with another layer of molten polyethylene. 

Diamond-Pattern Reinforced 10 Mil Greenhouse Plastic - Prevent Tears and Punctures!

The integrated diamond pattern is spaced 3/8” apart with an additional machine direction scrim every 3” across the width for a high resistance to ripping, tearing, puncturing, or shredding. This 10 mil clear plastic sheeting contains high concentrations of UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers to extend the life of your greenhouses and protect your plants from wind, rain, and snow.

How Clear Is Your Reinforced 10 Mil Plastic Sheeting For Greenhouses?

Our 10 mil clear greenhouse plastic provides a higher level of strength than other 10 mil films while maintaining 85% light transmission. The string-reinforcement has little to no effect on the total amount of light that passes through the greenhouse film.

What Mil Plastic Is Best For A Greenhouse? Is 6 Mil Plastic Sheeting Thick Enough?

For most backyard gardeners and growers, our 6 mil greenhouse plastic is more than strong enough for their needs. 10 mil greenhouse plastic may be needed for larger, more commercial operations where the greenhouse covering used is expected to last many years without needing to be replaced. 

Our 10 mil reinforced greenhouse plastic is also commonly used where climate and environment are a factor - tough conditions call for tough solutions. If you are looking for a greenhouse covering option that is between 6 mil and 10 mil string-reinforced, check out our 8 mil greenhouse plastic sheeting.

What Sizes Are Your String Reinforced 10 Mil Greenhouse Plastic Sold In?

We offer a wide range of sizes, with widths available from 6', 12', 24', 32', 42', 54', 60', and anywhere from 10 - 500' in length. With such a wide selection, we have a greenhouse covering for any size greenhouse. If you are looking for custom sizing, please contact us.

High Quality Reinforced 10 Mil Greenhouse Plastic - The Standard in Commercial Grade Greenhouse Covers

Invest in one of the toughest and most durable greenhouse coverings on the market. When installed correctly and under average conditions, this material can last over 5 years. No more replacing your greenhouse covering every year - save time, save money.

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String Reinforced 4 Year UV Resistant 10 mil Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting - Choose Your Size

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