Silage Plastic for Feed Storage

"We used to drive over 40 miles to pick up our silage covers in Farmington but not anymore. It is so nice to see that I can finally place an order online at reasonable price. Farm Plastic Supply does a great job. They have a variety of sizes and I was very happy with the 65 wide by 150 long by 6 mil silage film cover they carry. Quick delivery, excellent quality, and priced right."
Rachel B. ---Fredericktown, Missouri---

"I usually pick up my forage storage supplies at the local farm supply in Omaha or I go to the one in Lincoln, Nebraska. My wife Cindy, who has become an avid internet shopper, said that I could probably get this online. She showed me and I gave them a call. They took a phone order and saved me time and money. Thank you Matt. Sincerely Bradley W. "
Bradley W. ---Mead, Nebraska---

How much is your spoilage costing you?

In the farming industry, forage spoilage should be minimized and avoided. Regardless if you are a professional grain producer or a small farmer preserving food for your herd, protecting your forage crop from oxygen and damaging UV rays is a critical mission.  Bunker covers or silage plastic provide a protective solution for low-cost feed storage that will save you time and money by preserving feed.

The best silage covers on the market.

Farm Plastic Supply offers top-quality silage covers that are used for silage piles as bunker covers made from premium-grade polyethylene resins.  Our silage covers are high quality, thanks to the advanced technology that goes into making each forage bunker cover. Each one of our grain protection plastic covers is crafted by expert manufacturers with over 100 years of experience in the agricultural industry.  After careful manufacturing and individual inspection, our silage covers and oxygen barrier film undergo professional field testing.

Features and benefits of our bunker covers:

  • Supreme durability: all bunker covers are designed with a unique tri-layer (3 ply) film to produce strength and a lasting barrier against plastic damage by environmental elements.
  • Built-to-last product: 18-24 month UV protection on FPS products
  • Quality materials: FPS silage plastic is made with a unique blend of resins, offering superb tear resistance, better shape retention, and puncture control for tight packing with limited stretching
  • UV Treated Silage Tarp: all the materials in our silage plastics protect your high-value forage from the effects of radiation
  • Full-range Dimensions: all silage tarps are available in white and black high tensile plastic in a variety of sizes to fit all of your forage needs-
    • 6 mil thickness...Ask us about 8 mil or string reinforced. 
    • widths of 24, 32, 40, 50, 56, 60, 65, 80, 100, and 120 feet  (custom sizes are available)
    • lengths of 100, 150, 200, 500, and 1150 feet

Oxygen barrier film

At Farm Plastic Supply, we understand that preserving forage is a critical mission and a must in order to maintain your farm. Oxygen barrier film plays just as important of a role in protecting your feed as bunker covers. The purpose of oxygen barrier film is to reduce dry matter loss and protect the vital nutrients found in feed. Our team of agricultural plastics suppliers works to distribute the best possible silage plastic to eliminate as much oxygen entrance into feed as possible.

Features and benefits of our oxygen barrier film:

  • Supreme supplies: All of our oxygen barrier film is made of top quality silage plastic that eliminates surface spoilage. To do this, our film contours the forage and fills any gaps left during the packing. The regular plastic used by other companies producing grain covers doesn't cling well to the silage, leading to surface spoilage.
  • Varied Dimensions: oxygen barrier film is sold to suite all farmers, with a full-range of sizes-
    • 2 mil thickness
    • Widths of 40, 50, 60, and 65 feet
    • Lengths of 200, 500, and 1150 feet

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Oxygen Barrier 50' wide by 200 through 1150 Long

Oxygen Barrier 50' wide by 200 through 1150 Long

Oxygen Barrier 50' wide.Choose your length...


Oxygen Barrier 60' wide by 200 through 1150 Long

Oxygen Barrier 60' wide by 200 through 1150 Long

Oxygen Barrier 60' wide.Choose your length...


Oxygen Barrier 65' wide by 200 through 1150 Long

Oxygen Barrier 65' wide by 200 through 1150 Long

Oxygen Barrier 65' wide.Choose your length...


Your Size Bunker

Your Size Bunker



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